Katala, the Shark of the Seven, is the latest in a line of cursed great white sharks. Help him on his quest to end the curse! You will play as each of the Seven creatures (shark, killer whale, dolphin, leopard seal, penguin, sea turtle, and seagull), and visit exotic locations like Isla La Tortuga (Venezuela) and the Ronne Ice Shelf (Antarctic).


  • Free roaming 3-D gameplay

  • Strong arcade aspects and engaging storyline
  • Exciting play includes shark fighting, seagull fishing, dolphin racing, and penguin sliding.
  • Variety of locations including deep sea, Antarctic, and tropical islands.
  • Familiar controls and viewpoint in a fresh new environment.
  • Seven different playable characters

shark chasing gull
screenshot rendered at 30 fps on a Pentium 233/Voodoo2

dolphins jumping
screenshot rendered at 30 fps on a Pentium 233/Voodoo2


Shark of the Seven appeals to a wide audience:

  • Gamers will appreciate the state-of-the-art 3-D engine and challenging arcade aspects.

  • Beautiful scenery and recognizable models will draw the large mainstream market.

  • Features familiar aquatic animals which are very popular with children.

Technical Aspects

  • All new 3-D engine works with MicrosoftTM DirectXTM.

  • Models feature dozens of moving parts whose positions are calculated with PulseCode's advanced FluidMovementTM system, for realistic and smooth motion.


the arctic, with seals, penguins, and gulls
screenshot rendered at 30 fps on a Pentium 233/Voodoo2

Developed by PulseCode Interactive LLC.

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