The following screenshots were rendered at 30 frames-per-second on a Pentium 233 with a PCI Voodoo 2 video card. More up-to-date computers (Pentium II-300 with AGP Voodoo 3) can easily render these scenes at 30 fps at a resolution of 1280x1024-- an incredible sight! Click on an image to view its full-sized version.


Katala the shark, chasing a school of groupers


Katala the shark eating a seagull


Katala the shark, chasing a seagull


Spotted dolphins swimming


Common dolphins leaping out of the water (no, bottlenose dolphins are not "common" dolphins!)

bottlenose dolphins

For those who prefer the bottlenose dolphin, don't worry, we didn't leave them out!


Seagulls perched atop a hill


Katala the shark, having a conversation with Kintaga, the shark chief


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